Favorite Nikon D800/E feature?

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M Lammerse
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Video features

Several video features:

uncompressed HD video
movie sound control
power aperture control


studio460 wrote:

Virtual Horizon

Now that I'm through testing D800 bodies for focus issues (I had to dial in a -20 AF fine-tune on my D800E for virtually all of my lenses, but alas, no discernable AF asymmetry), I thought I'd talk about something fun for a change. I think my favorite feature is the in-viewfinder, two-axis, virtual horizon indicator. It's really cool, and much-improved over previous implementations in preceding bodies. One question, and one nit:

1. Does anyone know how to make it "light-up" red, the entire time the meter is active?

2. Also, I wish there was a way to reverse the direction of the indicator (as in the way the exposure indicator allows).

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