more ghastly FZ200 samples

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Re:Did you read the note at the top?

GeraldW wrote:

It says the shots were taken at the LOWEST settings for sharpening and noise reduction. If you download those and add some sharpening, they look a lot better.

Sure, but the one I mentioned green (ivy around windows on the side of a building) has the center of the frame looking fairly sharp but once you get past the center bulls-eye it gets softer and softer. This is not an in-camera sharpening or photographer's skill issue - it's the lens.

But yeah, agree with the guy who said cameras are amazing now. I'm simply blown away by what my $260 LX5 can achieve. I remember around a decade ago a friend bought a $1000 Nikon digicam that shot 1.3MP and I thought that was an amazing accomplishment then.

The thing is information is so readily available now that us geeks can compare and contrast different products, and for some of us that's part of the fun in choosing new gadgets and tools.

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