Epson R3000 saved custom settings disappear....

Started Jul 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
Kurt Sonderegger Contributing Member • Posts: 541
Re: It happens with only 2 sets of settings...


I've had it happen to me too. Running Win 7 64x with latest Epson driver. I just thought it was something I had done to accidentally delete a file or folder or something as I do use CCleaner from time to time. Now that I hear others are having this problem, I think as you do that it must be driver related. It has only happened once to me and that was months ago. I have about 15 different papers saved now so I don't think it's related to numbers. One of those computer mysteries I guess. If it were to start to happen more often like it is to you, I think I would be pretty ticked off.

How did you report the problem to Epson? Via the telephone or a web site? I'd like to report it too and perhaps if enough of us are having the problem, Epson will take some action.

Also, keep us posted if you arrive at a solution.


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