He wanted a 5d3 so badly but this arrived:

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Re: prove it

Jon Rty wrote:

Which is totally irrelevant when actually comparing cameras, unless you're focal-length limited.

Yep - I agree. If you are reach limited or perhaps are predominately shooting macro, then it might be relevant.

For most though, as I said above, they will go close to framing their images properly in-camera, and hence, will put more pixels into the final image and be standing closer when they do it.

However - that does not mean that the sensor is capable of resolving more, just that, for a given composition you need to enlarge the subject less.

If you can actually use a lens with the FOV you want, then the 5DII will easily outresolve the 7D.

I know - I have a 7D and a 5D3. See above though, as it's important to understand the difference between the sensors resolution potential and that of the total system. There are certainly cases where a high res cropper will allow you to resolve more detail than a FF too!

The only reason the 7D appeared sharper was because the comparison showed a 100% crop to a 160% crop. What he is comparing is resolution per area, not the total resolution of the sensor. And while the 7D has higher resolution per area than the 5DII, the 7D sensor has lower total resolution, due to it being less than half the size of the 5DII. The 7D would have to have over doulbe the resolution per area to be able to match the 5DII sensor as a whole.

Yep. Each has it's uses. But, if you use the same lens from the same distance the crop will record more detail.

Now, the D800 on the other hand has higher resolution per area than the 5DIII, while at the same time having the same sensor area, leading to a c.15-20% higher effective resolution.

Yep - per area only slightly less than the 7D. And, as the D800's sensor is the same size as that of the 5D2/3's, Romy's test shows what that "effective resolution" means in practice fairly nicely.

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