m4/3 was money pit larger than DSLR - things are gonna change

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Re: m4/3 was money pit larger than DSLR - things are gonna change

photo perzon wrote:

Nikon is pricing good primes at $ 200 now all the 1.8s, while m4/3 is still reaching for $ 500 to $ 1000 per lens.

I loved my Nikon kit. But, to date, Nikon still hasn't released a wide-angle prime for DX. Not one! That's a lens I desperately wanted in my kit, and Nikon hasn't bothered to fill that gap.

Meanwhile, Panasonic and Olympus have both catered to that segment with a very compact lens (Panasonic 14 f/2.8) and a still small, but very high-quality lens (Olympus 12 f/2.0).

DSLRs, µ4/3, and high-end compacts (like the RX100) all make a different set of compromises. Clearly, for you, the compromises the µ4/3 system chooses to make (relatively small size relative to sensor size, ability to change lenses, relatively small, yet available high-quality interchangeable lenses, a somewhat higher cost of entry due to the relative newness of the system) aren't worth the money you invested. For me, I've found it a fairly good value: GX1 14-45 kit, optional EVF, and an unused kit 14 f/2.8 off eBay for a little over $900 (would have been a little over $800 if I'd waited a few weeks for the minimum GX1 price). And, compared to the RX100, it's definitely a bigger kit, but I can use an EVF when I want to, and I can add a telephoto zoom or go wider than 28 mm. To me, that's very important.

Good luck with your chosen kit!

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