X100... Help ... Again.

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Re: X100... Help ... Again.

The X100 is the spiritual successor the small fixed-lens rangefinders of bygone days: cameras like the Canonet, Hexar, etc.

It has great IQ in a small beautiful body. It's a joy to carry, utterly silent, and has a wonderful lens.

The hybrid viewfinder gives a similar feel to a rangefinder.

Depending on your needs the camera may not have any negatives, it doesn't for me.

But what the camera is best for is 35mm equivalent photography at moderate focus distances; best > 2m.

So, it can shoot closer than that, but if that's your bag then there are many many cameras better suited.

It's not a shallow DOF headshot "portrait" camera. Of course you can take close up pictures of faces, but distortion, focus difficulty, etc. Means that there are many better choices. The f2 lens is there to shoot in low light, not for shallow DOF.

The FL means it's never going to be good for any kind of action photography.

The AF is fine for the purposes it was intended. But it's not a high-end DSLR.

It's been marketed by Fuji as a personal camera for professional photographers. If you can pretty much take a good photograph with ANY camera, and have been doing it for a long time, then this is a great camera. For most beginners, and people whose entire experience has been with DSLRs, it can often be a poor and frustrating choice.

If you have a gallery you can link to I think I could probably have a pretty good chance of telling you whether it would be a good camera for you.

The first X100 that came off the production line is owned by the CEO of Fujifilm.

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