Need Help...Wedding Photography

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Shoot manual

Spot meter at plus 2 to plus 2.3 stops off the white clothes which will get you within 1/3 of a stop and should record the skin tones adequately.

Use the flash on camera, but bounced (see babbc for details) and set it to between -1 and -3 stops to give a fill light to support the ambient exposure rather than blast everything with flash.

The above settings work beautifully for me indoors and outside in overcast light.
In bright light the flash ratio needs to be 1/1 or+1

By all means use the flash as the main source of light, but you risk underexposing the skin and overexposing the white suits.

If you follow this, depending on the ambient light, you may get away with the F4 lens, but the 50mm at 2.2 to 4 will be great for people shots.

You can use it at 1.8 but it's usually pretty poor wide open.

Good luck.

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