Why can't I get pictures out of my 60D as good as a Sony A450

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Re: Why can't I get pictures out of my 60D as good as a Sony A450

The light source is much different between the two shots. You have cloud cover in both images. But in the Sony shot the sun is peeking through the clouds resulting in more contrast and a higher exposure value. The sun in the Canon shot appears almost completely obscured by cloud cover, which is evident in the shadows created by the streamer flags against the building. This resulted in much lower contrast and lower overall exposure value.

If you want to effectively compare two cameras -- do so in a controlled environment. Not outdoors on a partially overcast day.

keithwm wrote:

I know the 18-135 isn't the best but the review seem to suggest its distortion and CA that's the issue and DPP can fix those. Below is a screen grab of the two photo's side by side -

Canon on the right.

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