Carbon Fibre tripod - advantages? disadvantages? Advice please...

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Re: Carbon Fibre tripod - advantages? disadvantages? Advice please...

Lightweight comes with shakiness and/or vibration. You'll need to apply some weight. Win someplace, but you lose another.

Rebuilt a flip-leg lock tripod recently for a friend. Most of the locks were slipping and threads were stripped. Had to replace a lot of them with normal bolts and nuts as the stripped threads were too far gone and pressed-in rivets were sliding sideways when flip lever was loose. Some tripod companies (Velbon comes to mind) will send you shims of varying thicknesses to fix them when they no longer lock from being compressed too long in storage (Not good to leave flippers locked, imho). His was a heavy aluminum one and probably would dent a car if one ran into it.

Non-rotating legs are nice, especially if they come with larger and easier to grip rubber tighteners. Better ones have sort of an air chamber where you can loosen a grip and it doesn't suddenly collapse one leg like a flipper does. Makes it easier to level up too.


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