FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

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Re: May be a dealbreaker for me :(


I bought the FZ150 some months back but returned it when I discovered that I was unable to view the full display thru the EVF, due to not being able to get my eyeball close enough to the viewer. I need to wear my specs at all times (I have astigmatism).

I discovered that the available viewing window on the EVF of the FZ150 is greatly reduced by a black masking which is applied to the inside of the viewing pane. Without that there would be no problem whatever, in my estimation. A ca. 17 x 12mm window is reduced to something like 8 x 6mm by this masking. I reported my observations to Panasonic UK, and they told me they would pass the info on as part of their next "Voice of the Customer" report.

I don't know what the reasoning was for the masking in the first place, but I hope they see fit to reduce it or eliminate it completely in future models, as I suggested — no extra cost involved, maybe something saved. It was very disappointing to have to send back the FZ150, and I really hope the FZ200 will be a keeper.

gail wrote:

Vandyu wrote:

Hi Gail. I don't see any change in the FZ200 EVF as far as Panasonic's having added an eyecup or protective coating for glasses. This is probably one reason I'm not hopping to upgrade.

I don't mind the manual switching between the LCD and EVF but, the more I read, I'm beginning to think the lack of a rubberized eyecup is a deal-breaker for me. I want to be able to use the viewfinder almost exclusively like I do on my DSLR.

I'm extremely reluctant to pay $600 for a camera that I have to add some ugly patches in order to use the viewfinder with my glasses? I mean, how much would it cost Panasonic to include a decent eye cup like on some other brand superzooms?

I'm going to call Panasonic this week to get their take on this.

I am so excited about this camera, so much so that I've already started reading the manual for the FZ150 until the FZ200 manual becomes available. But I have a gnawing sensation that I may opt to sit on the sidelines all because of an................eyecup!?!?


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