Kenko Pro 300 2x w/70-200mm f/4 IS - Please set the record straight!

Started Jul 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
Steve Balcombe Forum Pro • Posts: 12,406
Re: To other readers...

John Sheehy wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

For the benefit of other readers some of whom are genuinely trying to learn, I would be grateful if one of the more intelligent regular posters could independently confirm the behaviour of conventional 'reporting' TCs like the Pro 300 DG and all the Canon Extenders. TIA for that.

The other poster is being a little bit difficult, but he may be correct in his case. IME, it can depend on the lens, and maybe even the camera. Either can lose the report, with a reporting TC.

Absolutely - a point I have made myself on more than one occasion. But in this case the lens was clearly stated as the 70-200/4L IS.

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