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Re: PPI and DPI

Chris R-UK wrote:

Mark Smith wrote:

KCampbell wrote:

From what I can remember these tend to max out at 200 or 300DPI; compare that to the 4800DPI possible with inkjet printers. T

I think this is misleading, Fuji Frontiers print at 315 dpi and Agfa Dlabs at 400 Noritsu I think is 360.

Inkjets quote higher resolutions but the native print head resolution is normally in the 240-720dpi range. Epson's rip will downscale your 4800DPI file to 360 in the RIP because the printer head cannot produce droplets smaller than 10 micron.

Just take an A4 sized file at 4800 dpi and one at 360 send them both to the same Epson and the 360 might actually look better!

This is mixing up PPI, image file resolution in pixels per inch, and DPI, the resolution of the inkjet printer's dithering pattern measured in dots per inch.

Of course, with dye sublimation printers the two are the same.

What you say about native resolution is correct but I don't know of any inkjet printers with a native resolution lower than 360PPI (as used by Epson printers wider than 13") and HP photo printers at best settings use 1200PPI.

Of course PPI and DPI are different Epson tell me their printers use 360 and HP max out at 600. All this is academic because inkjets resolution is limited by dithering your 600 dpi Hp actually has a maximum resolution of around 250dpi of PIXEL level detail(in non ret mode).

Inkjet printers are relatively crude devices, and instead of more spatial resolution, what they really need is more color depth or color resolution - they need a better way to reproduce the color of an image pixel in a very small space on paper. They can't use more pixels, smaller pixels simply limit even more their ability to accurately simulate the correct color of each existing image pixel during dithering.

Traditional paper uses several layers to get round this problem, its possible to have RGB or any combination on any one of the pixel spaces which is why they can look better WRT colour depth.

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