K-5 vs. K-3 (or whatever) --- Torn.

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K-5 vs. K-3 (or whatever) --- Torn.

I have a K-7 and am happy with it ... but crave a next generation Pentax.

The dilemma is that I can't decide whether to buy an awesome-priced K-5 now (with it's super low-light sensor) - or wait for what you guys have convinced me will be the new "K-3" - with a very high resolution 24-mp sensor.

What to do. What to do. What to do!

Here's the question that has been echoing in my brain:

"If the new K-3 (so-called) has a high-resolution 24-mp Sony sensor, what are the chances that it will equal - or better - the K-5 in low light?"

I enjoy shooting in low light. Last year I was in awe of what a friend's N*kon D700 could do at high school football games - granted that his rig costs 4X what my K20D and my DA*50-135 f/2.8 does. In low-light my K20D outshines the K-7...

The question:

"What are the chances the new 24-mp K-3 will equal - or outshine - the K-5 in low-light? Would it be possible?"

Thanks for your thoughts.

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