How to recreate G3 sharpening in LR4?

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Re: How to recreate G3 sharpening in LR4?

I'm aware of and use all those sliders and features regularly. The sample images I posted are not my final edits, they were intended to show the result of 150 sharpness on the water, which is the max available. I was unable to find a combination of detail, radius, and masking which got me the same result as OOC. That is not necessarily a limitation of LR, could be a personal limitation...

I did try running through PSE USM, and it seemed to be a negligible difference.

Also played with using more clarity just on water. Does make an improvement in getting ripples to stand out on a normal size view, but pixel peeping they are still softer than what the G3 has done.

Again, I could just import the JPG and start from there in LR, but sometimes you want to know how to do something just for the sake of knowing, in case you have to do it again later.

If anyone would like to take a crack at it, I'd be grateful. I'm not sure how to make a full size RAW file available to folks though. I do have an FTP site that I can PM the username/password.

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