RX100 or Fuji X10?

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Re: Depends on your priorities

Ray Sachs wrote:

The RX100 has the best/largest sensor in the genre right now, by a good bit and by consensus. But there are tradeoffs with shoe-horning that large a sensor into that small a camera. The zoom range is the same as the X10 but the X10 is much faster through the range. And based on early reports of some corner softness and perhaps vignetting in the RX100, the lens in the X10 may be somewhat better mated to the sensor.

Its true that to get comparable DR and low light performance out of the X10, you need to use the EXR mode - that's just the size and superiority of the Sony sensor at work again. I personally was very happy with the X10 in EXR mode - the resolution is lower but I have a few 12x18" prints from the X10 that are beautiful and that's as large as I tend to print, so the resolution is enough for me. If you want huge prints, the Sony has a clear advantage. The Sony also has more technological tricks than you can imagine, if you like playing around with those. Auto panorama, auto HDR, auto all sorts of stuff. The X10 has some of that too (pretty nice panorama function actually) but you have to go with the Sony for technical tricks and art filters and such.

In terms of interface, I'll take the X10. I like the manual zoom and I LOVE having the exposure comp dial right on the top of the camera where I can see it and change it without pushing any buttons. And then of course there's the OVF which is a big deal to some and not to others. And then there's the "pocketability" question - if you gotta stick a camera in your pants pocket, the RX100 is bettered only by the Canon S100 in the decent camera range. The X10 and LX7 and pretty much everything else is coat pocketable but not really pants pocketable. I don't care about pants pocketable, but a lot of folks around here seem to...

The RX100 appears to be the best option right now if pure IQ is your top priority. In my OPINION, the new LX7 looks like the best option purely in terms of handling and interface and lens speed - man if I could combine the best of those two cameras I'd be set. For ME, though, today, the X-10 looks like the best compromise mix of IQ and handling in the small camera market. I had one and loved it but for the orbs, but now that they've fixed the sensors, it would still be my choice. But that's today. In another couple of months, the landscape probably will have changed. Someday that Sony sensor will show up in a CAMERA that will be more appealing to me than the RX100 and that'll be the bomb. But for now, you have to choose among pretty distinct tradeoffs. I'd probably wait until Photokina and see what's coming, but if you gotta have one now...


A great reply to the OP's question.

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