X100... Help ... Again.

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Re: X100... Help ... Again.

Well in my case I came from an Olympus E-P2. The quirks I have had to get used to are as follows on firmware 1.21:

1) Histogram isn't as useful as on old m4/3 cameras where you always push the exposure to the right but not enough to blow out highlights. I don't find the histogram to be of much use on this camera tbh.

2) Exposure, sometimes it has a tendency to overexpose in aperture priority a bit and loads when shooting B&W. I frequently dial in some -ve compensation but only ever need +ve compensation for back lit situations.

3) AF sometimes will not focus at a short distance but point at something else again and try again it does, weird. Always seems to focus when in MF and using the back button focus method but that could do with some firmware improvements such as an adjustable size to the focus box and focus confirmation like when in an AF mode.

I nearly always use the OVF which is brilliant once you get used to using it. The EVF is poor IMHO compared to the best elsewhere, it tears and jitters far more than the EVF-2 does on my E-P2 for example. Doesn't put me off as I don't use it much. I haven't updated to the very latest firmware as on 1.21 the camera is already more than good enough for me. Its not perfect but I haven't used my Olympus since buying this camera, really I should sell my remaining m4/3 stuff and get some cash out of it.

One big positive for me which seems like a small thing. The X100 has a proper auto ISO implementation, it lets you choose the minimum shutter speed up to 1/125th which none of the Olympus cameras I had did. On those cameras I never used auto ISO for that reason as it pretty much always chose the wrong settings. Auto WB is also better IMHO even if its matrix AE is not as reliable.

The OOC JPEGs are better than those from Olympus as well. It has changed my workflow such that I really am not that bothered to process RAWs on the computer. I still shoot RAW+JPEG as its great to reprocess in camera and have the RAWs saved for future PP with the ever improving software. The highlight and shadow settings in camera effectively work like a DR and tone curve control. Both the RAW and JPEG images have tons of room for tweaking.

The best thing I can say about the X100 is its clearly been designed with photographers in mind, its old skool in a good way. I love the way it handles and neat things they put in are genuinely useful such as the ND filter. Want to shoot F2 on the brightest days, no problem assign the ND filter to the RAW button on the back and your there, one button press. Reviewers talk about junk such as art filters. Olympus are guilty for foisting those things on the world but as an ex Olympus user I can honestly say that in camera art filters are to my mind a complete gimmick. Never ever used them and never would. If like me you think along the same lines and believe that having a physical control on the lens barrel for setting aperture is not 'retro' but actually a just a plain good idea then you will love the X100.

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