S100 Lenses?

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second camera needed!

I agree with those who say that it's dangerous (I wouldn't say "stupid") to go on an expensive trip, one where you won't be able to re-shoot lost images, with only one camera. If there's any alternative at all, please find a way to get a backup camera.

In Glacier, the shots I've valued most have been the landscapes most of which require shorter focal lengths. If I had to eliminate any lens type from the equipment I carry to Glacier, it would be the long telephotos. (That's almost the opposite of what I'd say about Yellowstone , where I found that my 400mm lens looked puny and indequate alongside the big 500-600 mm lenses which are commonly used there.)

I know you were asking about add-on lenses for your S100. The lensmateonline site doesn't list any. A couple of months ago, I wrote to the lensmateonline people asking if they planned to introduce a telextender which would work with the S100, and they didn't even bother to reply, so I doubt that they have anything in the pipeline. It think the person who wrote that the lens of the S100 probably wouldn't support a telextender like that, is correct.

Find a way to take a good backup camera, whether it has a long lens or not. My guess is that you won't have much use for a long lens, but you'll find the 24mm focal length of the S100 very useful. But anyway - Take a backup! Take a backup! Take.......

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