Nikon 70-200 F2.8 VR II with 2X III extender for BIRDS

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Re: Nikon 70-200 F2.8 VR II with 2X III extender for BIRDS

Catallaxy wrote:

The combo is great at closer distances. Further away the IQ is not as good, and at far distances, I found the IQ poor.

Since the naked 70-200 VRII is also fantastic at closer in (portrait) distances, and less good further out, I am guessing that the TC just magnifies this property of the lens.

I have no problem shooting it with the TC up close (less than 25 feet), but beyond that I do not use ithe combo anymore. I found it limiting for birding since most birds are shot at distances over 30 feet.

I used a LensAlign and did some minor adjustments, but even with this tool, the IQ for far shots was disappointing.

The poster in this thread that posted some amazing shots with the combo seems to have shot them all close in, which confirms my experience with the lens.

I have just bought 70-200VRII + TC20E-III

Catallaxy are right. 70/200VRII + TC20E-III at 400 mm and object far away, is NOT sharp and there are no contrast. At 140 is't okay. My old (now sold) 80-400VR was much much better.

Objects at 400 mm close up are VERY good and sharp with good contrast. It is absolutely in the same IQ level, as from the 80-400VR

All this is a normal - Nikon says ?!? (I have send my D90, 70-200, TC to Nikon Service).

I have regret selling my 80-400 .... Don't buy the TC for 400 mm and object far away!

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