Considering SD1 - is the 17-50 f:2.8 the natural partner?

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Re: Considering SD1 - is the 17-50 f:2.8 the natural partner?

Hi Kendall – thanks for input on gloves and “rain” protection. And I expected the writing times ;-(

What aspect of the downloaded samples do you find lacking? It could be you just aren't familiar

I am almost certain that you are right – my knowledge of SPP 5 is very limited.

I used to handle my DP1 and DP2 files in SPP 3.something (I am almost certain it was not SPP 4) and found it very easy to get that Sigmaish 3D pop I believe to see as so many others. With the arrival of LR3 I changed to LR permanently because I found it could now extract (almost) the same from the DP1 and DP2 files as I could with SPP 3 and wanted to simplify the workflow.

Back in the SPP days I cannot remember doing anything special. The 3D effect was there upon opening the files or at least when applying the (often very good) auto thing. To me the SPP 3 was the second best photo raw converter ever [the best being Epson’s Photo Raw albeit only on .erf files].

After my initial posting yesterday I remembered Carl Rytterfalck put up some raw packs and so I downloaded them. I consider Carl a very good photographer and have admired his work from earlier Sigma cameras. Thus I am only referring to one of his photos, because they are generally available and I would think him up to the camera. When I open his SDIM1547.X3F and await full resolution the result is bland – bland by Sigma standards. Doing the auto-thing or trying to make a custom setting does not yield this 3D thing I love so much.

The SDIM1547.X3F holds an enormous amount of detail and when sharpening a bit and outputting at maximum tiff setting it is amazing to look at detail-wise. I just don’t seem to get that 3D thing up and running.

[There is more of the 3D effect in the SDIM4396.X3F picture – in particular in the colourful garments the girl is wearing, but – even though out of focus – I would expect more from the sky].

I really want to support Sigma as well as get a new toy, so if you could possible share some guidelines to good conversion in SPP 5 I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance

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