Interesting thoughts about Dynamic Range

Started Jul 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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It's the other way round

I don't know anyone who has compalined about too much dynamic range. In most cases (probably all) it helps with cleaner shadows, fewer clipped highlights, and can allow for smoother highlight roll off. Given the choice (other camera characteristics being more or less equal), I welcome more DR rather than less.

Too many people seem to be complaining about limited DR and also seem to be hell-bent on lifting shadows to a degree that they aren't shadows anymore.

I fully agree with highlight clipping - but I have never found the DR in the DP cams a limiting factor, since I always expose carefully to avoid highlight clipping.

That way I can't complain about smooth highlight roll off either.

It's the old story of diminishing return: 15 stops of DR are nice, but (in my case) around 9 stops of DR are perfectly all right and have never limited me in any way when taking pictures.

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