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W5JCK wrote:

I don't think you know what you are talking about. I typically use a lens stopped down two steps when photographing the moon. I use the LCD in 15x mode and/or an external monitor to focus with. The NEX cameras don't allow liveview on ext. monitors, so I typically use my Canon dSLR with an ext. monitor. I get sharp photos without problems. Of course I use good glass....

Well I do know what I'm talking about. The smaller apperture will give sharper pictures as the lens is sharper at that apperture (the so called "sweetspot") but stoppingdown the apperture will not do anything to the DOF when shooting the moon. The moon is that far away that you have to focus very accurate on the moon. Like you and I said take the time, use the tools you have (a larger screen is very handy, I take the card out of my camera then put it in my laptop end check focus on the bigger screen) It takes time and it would be great if we had a way to operate the camera from the laptop. But when working right this can be the result:
(Taken with a 560mm telescope, F7 it is a crop)

gfrensen wrote:

Unfortunatly smaller apperture will not work for the moon when you want more DOF (the sweetspot is true) Focussing on the moon is very hard.You do need a tripod just for focussing. and take your time focussing. focus, take a picture take a good look at it (best on a PC screen) then refocus and take an other picture, go on checking it untill tack sharp (this process can take quite some time but it will pay of in the end.
Reducing camera shake by using the selftimer or a remote is always a good thing.

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