OM-D and Polarized Sunglasses question.

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Jeff Morris
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Thank You for the responses.

I really did not expect this kind of response. I will go to Lenscrafters and see if they can change out the lenses for me. Having to swap out glasses all of the time would be very difficult.

I have a D800 and I love the camera. (The output is stunning) But this has happened to me more than once. I get into a system, it grows, it gets heavy and bulky and I resent having to schlep it around. I went from a D70-D200-D300-D700 and now D800. I just sold my 24-70 because of it's size and weight. I am shooting primes and enjoy it more.

I will get my hands on a OM-D and try it out. My first OM was a OM-1N, then a OM-2sp, and somewhere I had a OM-10. One of my favorite cameras was an Oly IS-3 with the two Oly conversion lenses. See, I like to travel compact. Even the D800 Sans grip and a 28mm f1.8 is a big camera to haul around.

When I see the OM-D with the 12-50, it looks huge. Then I say "Just keep your D800. But I will see. I know it sounds nuts after shooting DSLR's for so long. But frankly I am getting tired of schlepping it all.

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