I don't like the RX100 autofocus. . .

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Re: I don't like the RX100 autofocus. . .

I have the same set of small cameras besides my D90 (S95 and now RX100) and I absolutely second the issues with the autofocus of the RX100 especially on faces in lower light situations. It definitely is an issue of the camera, as the s95 in similar situations has almost no problems to focus correctly.

And yes, its really gross focus error even though I locked it on the face manually using center spot focus. Its not related to the aperture or motion blur or anything of that kind, its simply not finding / setting the focus pane correctly in situations to where it should - and that too often for it to be meant this way by the sony engineers if you ask me.

The RX100 actually shows a "green" focus square / bracket even in these out-of-focus situations, so you can only tell afterwards that things went wrong when looking at the picture taken.

I really hope this is something that will be fixed by a firmware update in the future, if this is the way the camera is "supposed" to auto focus it's a flaw that will scare away quite a few of targeted consumers imho.

Ofc, we could both have faulty models, but I'm not convinced that this is the case.

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