LX7 vs RX100

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Re: Go to imaging resources

Sir Punk wrote:

would you mind sharing more details on your workflow? I would like to shoot RAW but I don't have time to process pictures individually.

Really, the only tricky bit when working with RAW is viewing the directory full of RW2 RAW files. Most programs will not display thumbnails for them. Makes it hard to choose which ones you want to work on, or quickly select some to put on Facebook (etc).

I use Irfanview for this. It reads the RW2 files, extracts the 1920x1080 JPG embedded into each (which is plenty good enough for web media and preview) and saves a copy as JPG so that other programs can index the JPG as thumbnails. Use the "File> BatchConversion" menu item on the directory containing your RW2 files.

Hope that helps. Google for help -- there are lots of good ideas on this interweb thingy...

ps: Oh, this works with both RX100 Sony ARW as well as LX3/5/7 Panny RW2 raw files

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