EX2F Cmos sensor change basically to improve video?

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fanfong Junior Member • Posts: 37
Re: EX2F Cmos sensor change basically to improve video?

Stretching the stories a little far, eh, Brian?

It's not like Samsung is known to be the company that releases cameras in reality. The best was when the 700/750 came out and they weren't released until the product cycle was eventually over and they were sent IMMEDIATELY to the deeply discounted clearance displays.

brianj wrote:

Yvan/G2 wrote:

fanfong wrote:

I think this is all irrelevant. The EX2F is already on track to be the best prosumer ever made.

If it ever makes it to the market!

I'm certainly glad that I didn't pre-order this piece of vaporware.

It looks like the LX7 might be vapourware as well by this link:

I must admit a few released images and tests would help a bit, I think the cat was let out of the bag a little early, maybe for the LX7 as well.


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