EOS-M - enough to dump the camcorder?

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Re: EOS-M - enough to dump the camcorder?

I am not familiar with the Canon EOS-M, but do use the Panasonic "travel zoom" DMC-ZS7 (refurbished $240) and highly recommend it especially for video. See:


This is one great camera, especially for video (HD720). It auto-focuses and auto-exposes quickly with great accuracy and speed. It is also small with a long zoom of 25-300 mm (35mm equiv.). It is much better for video than my DSLR, Canon G and S cameras and old Sony camcorder. Plus you do not have all the aggravation of interchangeable lenses.


Alexmakespictures wrote:


I currently own a Canon T2i and a Canon HF200 AVCHD camcorder. I hate carrying both with a vengeance, so much that my de-facto camcorder is my iPhone and the HF200 only comes out for rare dedicated video occasions.

From the info available on the EOS-M camera, and with the experience what the T4i can do, is this finally the camera to rule them all for reasonable consumer use? I found video on my T2i virtually unuseable because of the limited AF capabilities. I'm not a video geek, i only use zoom and start/stop recording on my camcorder. On an EOS camera I would probably take advantage of shallow DOF aperture and other fun things as well.
Where do you expect the EOS-M to be inferior to a consumer camcorder?


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