WTF, Now Hispanic Americans, Are Being Murdered By "White Police" In California

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Re: "White" USA Police, Shooting & Turning Dogs Loose On Hispanic Women

BRJR wrote:

Folks, I find it very difficult to believe this sort of out right-racism hatred and violence on the part of our police towards fellow american citizens (or anybody, for that matter) is tolerated anywhere in the USA:

(Here's a link to more, and forum participants of our non-USA international community, what do you think about this -- or, is it what you have simply come to expect of the USA?)

"Working for God on earth does not pay much, but His Retirement plan is out of this world."

BRJR ....(LOL, some of us are quite satisfied as Hobbyists ..)

We Americans are loosing our country to the invasion and invasion anarchy from Mexico and all Hispanic points south of the Rio Grande .

It is their Hispanic language which binds them together and provides the stealth for their racist propaganda against the White American people who have civilized and provided safe haven for women and children .

Shamefully it is a leftist movement to organize through state workers and state teacher's unions to virtually steal the nation from the hard working responsible American people by corrupt and fraudulent access to Property and other state taxes payd by any American who has provided a home for his family .

The invasion and crime war on the American people is being directed toward our police officers and is being aimed at complete defeat of all law and order , with the intended tact to end all California civilization and all government of the people .

For the purpose of ending all invasion enforcement within the United States .

Many of the legal citizen Mexican Americans are in allegiance with the Mexican invasion and takeover of the States , beginning with California and Arizona .

The great and often brutal violence brought here by Mexican invasion is a very important part of the invasion war against the American people of California , So we can clearly see why the need to remove all police protection for their invasion to move forward .

If you want to help stop this crime and violence , your help is urgently is needed here :


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