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Re: Apple - Customer Service - Quality

My mantra when dealing with Apple:

"Outline the issue, remind them the product is under warranty, tell them I want the issue resolved, and that I expect excellent service."

It hasn't failed me yet. People in general understand point-by-point instructions and demands. Never get upset. Always wear a smile. Ask them how their day is going. They are people, too!

On a side note I rarely, if ever, enter an Apple store for service. I usually use the 800 number. That way there are fewer people in the chain and I get consistent results.

fidelfs1 wrote:

No, I am not upset for that. What I am upset if they make you wait and they sell you the idea that if you pay more then you don't have to wait.

This is the norm in business now. They take what is part of normal business and they charge for that.

I have problems with comcast, as well. I had problems with phone and Internet connection for years and they cannot fix it.

I cannot switch to another provider, because they are the only ones allowed here ( I am not talking about TV service). Well, they told me to upgrade to business if I want to have a better service and better response.

That is what I am talking about, no bypassing others.

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