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Hey Greg,

A couple of other people have said the E-M5 works quite well with 4/3rds lenses compared with previous generations of micro bodies. My plan was always to upgrade my E-3 to an E-5 someday, however, a few things may be changing my plans. First, the E-5 price has stayed high much longer than any 4/3rds DSLR and without a replacement, it's not like I can get much of a break in the used market. Second, I like everything I'm seeing and hearing about the E-M5. Cost, body size, IS, IQ, HD,.. Third, I like older manual glass and have been eyeing big manual lenses, so the E-M5 gives me a different set of skills than my E-3 has. IQ excepted, the E-5 really adds nothing operationally with legacy lenses compared with my E-3.

My question about 4/3rds lenses on the E-M5 is this. Do you think it will wear out the motors on the non-SWD 4/3rds glass? I have the 50-200mm v1, 14-54mm v1, 11-22mm, and 40-150mm v1. I feel it remains to be seen if pushing these older lenses on a CDAF body will kill them eventually.

Now if the rumor about an adapter designed for fully functional 4/3rds lens use on the OM-D becomes a reality, then there is nothing to lose by going the E-M5 route along side my E-3.


daddyo wrote:

What seems funny to me is that people act as though 4/3 glass doesn't work on the E-M5. Now for the sports/action shooter that is true -- in that focus is not fast enough.

However, I have found that most of my 4/3 glass focuses in about 1-1.5 seconds on my E-M5 -- and focus is extremely accurately -- even in very low light situations. For 99% of my shooting, that's fast enough.

I was sitting on my studio sofa with a fellow photographer the other day playing around with my 12-60mm mounted to my E-M5. We were amazed when he point the camera with lens at full zoom down the unlit hallway at gear sitting in my dark equipment closet some 30 feet away. We had the ISO set to 3200 and not only did the lens focus in 1.5 seconds, but it was dead accurate and recorded amazing detail that neither of us could see with our eyes because it was so dark in there.

I do love my E-5's and ZD glass, but I'm getting spoiled really fast by my new E-M5, which by the way will focus with m4/3 lenses almost instantly in low light situations that my E-5's struggle with.

I hope the adapter news is correct, as that would resolve a huge hurtle for a lot of Oly ZD glass owners.

God Bless,

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