Nikon D800 video function demystified

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Pretty good but also many assumptions.

What has been written is pretty good but there are also many assumptions. For example the author assumes that Canon is better in high ISO because it sense all the sensels.

May be true but it is not necessarily true. Canon has better ISO sensitivity to start with due in part to the larger pixels, then it is well known that Canon uses a more aggressive noise suppression, finally by default Canon is less sharp meaning that is using a stronger low pass filter (but this can be tuned differently or fixed in post) . All these factor contribute greatly and could justify the better high ISO performance.

I also disagree on the effects of the D800 AA filter. That filter has a very high cut frequency because it is for the photo mode at full 36MP. In my opinion is almost totally transparent when in video mode acting mostly on the horizontal axe that is fully sampled but then scaled dow to 1920 anyway. Is also known that is not an aggressive filter at all (another reason why it doesn't work for vide) indeed the regular D800 presents ocasional moiré in photo mode and the sharpness is not too different from a D800E

I agree with the author though that in 2012 a Camera that skip lines is totally absurd. With .28 nanometers silicon in large volume, it is very economical to capture the entire frame, scale it down with a multitap filter scaler and present a beautiful 1920x1080 picture with no artifacts. May be Nikon had hard time on the sensor side, this sensor may be incapable to provide about 25MP 30 times per second.

I like and enjoy my D800E and I will use it for video as well. It is clear though that line skipping do exist in this camera and may present ocasional moiré or flickering. All things considered though is well controlled and with some techniques it will not be visible.

It is going to be a great film like video camera although it is a pain to use DSLR for video, much better to buy a good camcorder...

Kolen wrote:

Sorry if someone did post it already. It explains how Nikon get 1080p from the slightly cropped area.

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