Is it bad etiquette to bring my new D7000 to a wedding?

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Re: Is it bad etiquette to bring my new D7000 to a wedding?

if you stood in my way you got tongue lashed. i was paid to be there, you were not. i would not open myself up to a possible lawsuit by biting my tongue or being polite when a guest - drunk or otherwise - kept trying to horn in on my livelyhood just because they bought some gear.

this is why for all weddings i shot, after the ceremony and before the dinner i would drive the bride and groom somewhere nearby private for the romantics. these were shots you were NOT going to be able to steal from me.

it's fine for you to bring your cameras to a wedding. weddings in my family are damned rare. but it's not ok to get in the way of the paid professionals - ever.

jjm1181 wrote:

It's my first DSLR and I'm dying to take pictures with it. Is it intrusive to the wedding photographer if I'm snapping pictures all night?

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