more ghastly FZ200 samples

Started Jul 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
Dave Jaseck
Dave Jaseck Veteran Member • Posts: 6,138
Hard to believe....

that people find fault with an image shot at 3200iso that surpasses anything seen just a couple of years ago. I come from a long line of film cameras, 35mm, 21/4, 4X5, shooting weddings with nothing but a Rollleiflex with fixed 75mm lens, pocket full of film, and a strobe light. Sorry, but people today have nothing but last years camera to compare against. The strides with digicams today are enormous. Appreciate the day folks, these picture taking machines are a work of wonder. BTW...a little bit of photoshop can fix virtually anything the complainers complain about, but I understand, it must be perfect out of camera. I have 3 digicams, including Canon DSLR and lens, my next camera is the FZ200, amazing 25mm to 600mm with fixed 2.8...I remain amazed!!!!

Be careful how you interpret the world: It is like that.

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