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Re: It's SAF+MF

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If you can't use this function to fine tune your focus, what good is it? Or is there some step here that I'm skipping?

The idea of SAF+MF is you tweak the manual focus AFTER you've auto focused, while still half-pressing the shutter release (SR) button. If you release the SR the camera will auto focus again when you press it again.

What you may want to do is set te camera to MF (Manual Focus), and program a customisable button to AFL/AEL...with this you press the AFL/AEL button to auto focus, tweak the focus with the lens ring, and when you press the SR it won't focus again!

Yes, that will of course work. However, since it's not a procedure I use all that often, I simply set the autofocus setting to MF with the SCP, and then use the magnify button to manually focus, turn magnify off, then compose and shoot.

Not as elegant as the dedicated AFL/AEL solution, but then again, there aren't that many buttons and I prefer the AFL/AEL to handle exposure setting. Ah well, each setting giveth some and taketh away something else...

If you set the AEL/AFL mode to three, then you can use one Fn button to lock focus and the half shutter press to lock exposure. I prefer to do it this way, because exposure is the last thing I want to lock after reframing. This way, you don't loose an Fn button either. And it works in the same way as my Canon DSLRs and Contax G2 used to, which is a bonus

Yes, that does sound like a good plan. I haven't given this particular issue much study, so appreciate the tip. Goes to show, we always have something to learn...


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