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I try to keep everything over 1/100, 1/60 as a minimum and more ideally 1/160ish for ambient. I generally stay in Av and as I said before, burst for any movement but also for the changing stage lights. You will have times where you can be at 1/250th and the next second you're down to 1/8th. I generally prefer to use the flash as it's more consistent (I'll set my M mode for 1", F5.6, iso200 or thereabouts for dragging and C mode for the same but 1/100th for just stopping action without the light streaks) but ambient is doable if the lighting cooperates.

As far as the stage, I've never dealt with one that big. Most places I go are a 1-2' rise at most and I stay to the front which allows the fisheye to work decently. If it's really that large I would definitely try to be getting on stage if possible. I know at high profile events the pros will basically just use a 70-200 from the pit for their 3 song thing and as you said everything is pointed up, close face portraits and there is just no life or atmosphere to them IMO. I much prefer small clubs where you can get a bit more creative than that.

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