GP-E2 and 7d

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Re: Here is a good start

I assume the track files (.gpx files, most likely) will be stored on the SD card in the case of Android devices. These you should be able to copy from the phone, but I do not believe you need a card reader to do so - the usual USB power/data cable used for charging and accessing the phone from a computer should do. Perhaps even Bluetooth transfers would work? I don't know, I haven't had to try since the mailing functions used in most GPS tracking apps works so well.

Using the GPS on mobile phones, both Android and Apple, drains the battery at an alarming rate. If you are going to go to a remote location I would seriously look into getting a cheap GPS "puck" that only tracks your moves in order to avoid rendering your phone unusable in the wilderness. Strap it to your backpack and forget about it during the day, until the night when you can recharge it and retrieve the data.

A quick Google search turned up this site, which has an abundance of GPS tracking devices. Even if Canada might not be on your doorstep, it may be a good starting point for seeing what options there are.

As for the different app options for mobile phones, Google it. I don't even remember the name of the free app I used for my Android phone.

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