m4/3 was money pit larger than DSLR - things are gonna change

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Re: Thank you for your unique perspective

You and photo perzon make a good couple - he understands nothing about photography as an art or craft or business, you understand nothing about manufacturing, the free market and prices...

sigala1 wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

m4/3 is spelled m o n e y.

I moved from Nikon D40 $ 500 + great lenses such as 35mm 1.8 $ 200 and 50mm 1.8 $ 200 to m4/3 camera $ 1000 + good lenses costing each at least $ 500 and now the 2.8s $ 1000

It's funny how you make the fanboys so angry.

And you're right that they jack up the prices of prime lenses far beyond the actual manufacturing cost.

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