Travel Tripod - Smaller than this one? BENRO MeFOTO

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Re: Travel Tripod - Smaller than this one? BENRO MeFOTO

mfj197 wrote:

ginsbu wrote:

IMO these worries are overblown. I plan on getting a T-025 to complement a larger tripod, not to replace one. I expect I'll have to learn its limits and when to lug the larger one. But I also expect I'll carry a tripod much more often.

My demands were different - it was to be my main tripod, reasoning being that the camera and lenses are so much lighter than a DSLR that surely I could get rid of my big old Manfrotto. I was right, but the T-025 didn't fulfil that role - the T-1205X did (at only 800g).

In that case, I understand your disappointment completely.

I think for many people, though, neither the T-025 or the T-1205 are really tall enough to serve as a primary tripod. For a primary tripod, I want tall enough to get the camera to eye level without the column extended: for me that's around 55" (my current pod is perfect at 57" + ball head) — and I'm not tall. Happily, there are an growing number of travel-style tripods that will do that; still, they're in the 17–20" folded range and much heavier than the T-025.

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