Considering SD1 - is the 17-50 f:2.8 the natural partner?

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Considering SD1 - is the 17-50 f:2.8 the natural partner?

I am a long time Foveon fan and current owner of a DP2 (my previous DP1 now lives with my brother) and believe I have a good understanding of Foveon sensors and the DP-series of cameras and their pros and cons. With the reasonable price of SD1 at the moment, I am pondering whether to add one or not.

After downloading samples from here and photography blog and loading them into SPP 5.3.1 I was not exactly impressed – the resulting jpeg samples on this forum seem far superior. And thus I take the latter as a yardstick for the possible performance to wring from these DSLRs

I have never had a Sigma SLR or DSLR though and have no experience with SA-mount lenses. If I were to buy an SD1 I would start out with one lens. There does not seem to be any dealer around here so I would have to buy online. Thus I have a few questions I hope someone can answer.

a) Is the 17-50 f:2.8 the best single-lens option?

b) Also, the camera is weatherproofed to a certain degree, but that does not seem to be the case of the lens – can the 17-50 f:2.8 take some rain?
c) How is the eye relief of the camera body for spectacle wearers?

d) Is it possible to operate the camera (buttons in particular) with light gloves?
e) Are there any handling issues that drive you nuts?

Any and all other advice much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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