12-24 Nikon on D800 - questions

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Re: 12-24 Nikon on D800 - questions

The Nikon 12-24 works very well when I used it in FX mode with the D700, of course from about 18mm to 24mm.

Now, with the D800, the drop off in corner resolution is becoming too obvious. The corner distortion is also obvious. I don't think it is advisable to shoot the 12-24DX on FX mode with the D800.

If you really need to, I think the 1.2x mode makes it somewhat more usable as the extreme borders and corners are cut off. At about 15mm on 1.2x mode, you end up with roughly the same angle of view as 18mm on full FX. Of course, the image size is a bit smaller. I'd rather use the 12-24DX on this 1.2x mode.

5:4 is similar to 1.2x -- usable from about 16-17mm I think.

Will try and post some sample shots.

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