Travel Tripod - Smaller than this one? BENRO MeFOTO

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I own the Benro A0680T with the BH00 head

The Benro A0680 Travel Angel with the BH00 head is an older model tripod.

Folds to 15.75" and can support up to 5.5lbs (2.5kg). It has a max height of 4.5' (1.4m). And it weighs only 2.6lbs (1.2kg)

The new MeFoto do look nice. A little shorter than mine but does support more weight and folds up smaller. On the other hand it has a five section leg system so may be a little less steadier (well, the 5 section leg on the A0690 was less steadier than mine).

This will depend on the size of your hands but because mine was a 4 section leg system, it has only 3 lock grips to twist to extend the sections. This meant that I can easily hold all 3 grips in one hand and twist all grips at the same time to either lock or unlock. Saves so much time and effort if you could lock/unlock all at the same time.

In general, the Benro's are very nice. I can't compare to the Gitzo's but I do know that at one point (not sure about now), Benro used to manufacture Gitzo's tripods so reviewers and users alike have mentioned how similar the Benro's are to Gitzo's in workmanship and quality.

All I can say is that I love mine. And haven't had any real problems. The only criticism I can think of is that it had a hard time to cope with my Bushnell Spacemaster Spotting scope (60mmx20 for 1200mm) with my GF1 dangling from the back while trying to chase the moon. I probably would want to get a better head than the BH00 for such purposes. Usage with just the camera has been an absolute dream though with no complaints with the legs.

drpoop wrote:

So, I'm looking into cheap, sturdy, small tripods. I don't need carbon fiber and I don't need the utmost of quality.

I found this little offering by BENRO

So my questions are..

Anyone know of a travel tripod that is

1) as small as this one (or smaller)? ie size when collapsed = 12.6 inches!!!
2) around the same price point (or lower)?
3) which is comparable in its stability/features?


Also... anyone own this model? any user experiences to share?

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