Why no Photo info/playback menu option in D800 ????

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Re: Why no Photo info/playback menu option in D800 ????

Honest answer - Sorry I may not have explained properly - it doesn't reverse the intuitive direction of clicking but allows image review to swap to the vertical up/down scrolling rather than the horizontal left/right scrolling method. It's easier for me to go up/down which involves less thumb stretching!

Zlik wrote:

philm5d wrote:

Thats the option that allows reversing the multi-selector to work either way (left-right or top-bottom push) when reviewing images in playback. My D700 and D3S have this option and (of course) by default the D800 is the opposite way to my choice with the other two cameras.

I gather on the D4 this option has migrated to custom menu F14 of which there is none on the D800

Considering all the myriad of menu settings no-one barely uses why on earth leave this one off????

Honest question:

why do you want to click right to go left, and click left to go right?

I'm sure there is a reason why you configured it like that on your D700, but I can't imagine why, that's why I'm asking.

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