Shutter lag in NEX compared to DSLR

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Re: LCD recycle time. Sensor -> LCD delay

KennethKwok wrote:

I also wonder if the
"electronic LCD display"
recycling time has anything to do with it.

That is the delay in time from
Kid action -> Sensor -> LCD-> my finger pressing the shutter.

Highly unlikely - the only time this could possibly be a factor is if photographing in very low light where the frame and refresh rate can be compromised on the LCD display (it can get that 'staggered' look as it tries to gain up). However, even then, you've got two factors - one is that even with a few millisecond delay, most people's expressions don't change in milliseconds, at least not very often...and the fact that in this type of light it's possible to still look at the subject with your free eye or eyes in real time once the camera has achieved half-press lock to fire the shutter when you see the reaction you what the screen shows can be irrelevant.

The kid action -> sensor is speed of light. So that is negligible.
I wonder about time from Sensor -> LCD.

About the only time this becomes a significant, measurable handicap would be during the firing of burst shots. The signal from sensor to LCD in live feed is plenty fast enough, but the shutter tripping causes LCD blackout (and sensor blackout essentially as it outputs the capture data to the buffer or card)...and that small additional fraction of time before the LCD begins displaying the live sensor feed causes a notable delay - most electronic screen cameras attempt to solve the blackout problem during burst sequences by displaying the most recent photo taken during that blackout time (we're talking fractions of a second)...and successively displaying each frame taken right after it was taken...what's commonly referred to as the 'slideshow effect'. If a subject is staying relatively still or with relatively predictable motion, again this isn't much of a problem...but if you're firing off a burst sequence while the subject is in unpredictable motion it can become very difficult to keep that subject in the frame because you're always basing the framing on where the subject was a few milliseconds ago, rather than where they are now, and each frame that goes by, you are successively trying to 'predict' where the subject's motion and speed have taken them, without ever having the benefit of a real-time glimpse of their position.

It's actually why many get around the problem with this type of subject in live view or with EVFs by shooting in single-frame mode, single focus and reacquire as needed, or shorter burst sequences (2-4 bursts at a time with a short delay before the next 2-4, instead of holding down the button for 10-15 frames consecutively).

do you capture rapidly changing facial expressions well with NEX?

Or, as suggested, only the NEX-5N or NEX-7 with the better shutter?

Again, those two would probably do a bit better but almost entirely based on the fact that they have the electronic first curtain shutter, so you get a delay-free, lag-free shutter actuation (and it sounds like a single 'click'...unlike on the NEX3, 5, and C3, where it sounds more like a 'click-click').

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