Walkaround/Vacation Shootout 24-120/4 vs. 28-300 VR

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Re: Walkaround/Vacation Shootout 24-120/4 vs. 28-300 VR

Interesting thread. I currently have the 28-300 and used to have the 24-120 f/4. I didn't have it long because most of my shooting is of sports at night and I got a lot of dark corners with the 24-120. Several people told me to fix them with some type of photoshop, but my version is an old version and doesn't have the ability to make those kinds of corrections. Using the demo of the newest version, I couldn't figure out how to use it to fix that. Besides, I didn't want to process hundreds of photos each time I used it. Other than that, I liked the lens. I had no issue with daytime shots with the 24-120.

I just recently got the 28-300. It doesn't have the issue with the dark corners, so that is a plus for me. I haven't really shot anything yet over 130mm give or take. It's obviously a tad darker than the 24-120 at the extended distances because of the 24-120 being a constant f/4 and the 28-300 being f/5 and higher. So there is a trade off.

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