D800(E) issues and used market

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Re: what are you talking about

I own the D700, D800, D4, and have owned a D90, D7000, D300s.

The D700 has been used for near 3 years and has been put through some tough work. It and I took a nasty fall in Rocky Gorge in the White Mountains. I had bloody knees and an elbow, a really bad gash on my chin and a torn up forearm and sore back. The camera didn't have a scratch, there was a scuff mark on the 28-70 2.8 lens hood and nothing more. After a small rest, the camera and I finished the rest of the shoot.

Before I sold my D7000 last week, it had been carried all over the place. Packed in my wifes suitcase, and made several trips to Michigan from Massachusetts. My son, and both daughters have used it on all sorts of little ventures. My son at the theater when recording one of his shows. My oldest daughter when her friends and her want better video and stills than her point and shoot. The 8 yr old when she wants to take pictures of the cats and neighbors dogs. I just had to spend several minutes cleaning the finger prints off of the lens and LCD. Issues with it? Nope none! Tough little camera!

All of my cameras have been worked hard and have held up with no issues! I understand peoples concerns, but outside of being lighter. The D800 feels as good in my hands as my D700 does.

QC - It seems some people forget so FAST what happened not too long ago in Japan. The people of Nikon and Canon had to over come a major disaster to their homeland. Folks here seem to have dismissed this like it was a small thing. So yes there should be issues especially when as much had to change for Nikon.

My D800 has taken the D7000's role and also has a role with my business. It will get worked harder than my D4 will that is for sure.

Tomorrow it flies with me to Orlando for a well deserved vacation. With the new restrictions on carry ons, my bag is packed tight!. The little Tenba has the D800 with grip, one battery charger, Nikkor 28 1.8, 16-35 f4, 24-120 f4, 70-200 vrII, TC-14E II, SB800, iPad2 and charger for storage, apple camera kit.
All the best and keep on shooting

Terry Anderson
Boston West Photography

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