Another video of EOS M focusing on moving model

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Re: Another video of EOS M focusing on moving model

Andrew Butterfield wrote:

makes sense to me .. that's one of the main advantages .. a small backup camera that can use my EF lenses without any more of a cropping factor than what i'm used to already.

But how small is it with that adapter and your (maybe) huge EF lens on it? Isn't it easier just to throw your lenses on your SLR? Then at least they work at full speed. I've been waiting for this announcement for ages but now I suddenly can't see the point. The EOS M with my big Sigma 10–20 on it and an adapter might be nearly as big and twice as clumsy as what I already have (a 400D that showing its age in many ways). Hmmm.

So maybe I'd be better off getting rid of my old lenses and starting from scratch with a smaller system. And if I do that, the EOS M doesn't really match up to the competition and costs about the same as a Sony NEX-7 or Olympus OM-5 for now. Can't see myself getting another SLR body.

I think maybe the reason you can't see the point is that at the moment Canon's EF M lens range has only 2 lenses in it. When it has say 5 lenses, all of which are purpose designed for the EF M and which are therefore small and make the most of the small body format, and then when Canon have several 'M' bodies to suit different user groups perhaps things will seem a lot clearer?

The EF M adapter is a bridge / stop gap, call it what you will that simply enables many users to think yes I can use my EF / EF-S lenses without loss of functionality. I suppose there might be the occasional person that does use his 800mm or whatever on such a camera but most purchasers will get most benefit out of the camera with the lenses designed specifically for it. Nice to know you can fit your EF lenses though.

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