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bronxbombers wrote:

It wouldn't be so hard to put a toggle button to turn off the conversion to sRGB would it? I mean it's not like it's doing more work it's doing less and saving processing time on their end every time someone turns off the code. Smugmug, at least, already has plenty of other toggles and buttons (not sure about Zen).

There is a difference between implementing a feature and implementing it properly. To do this properly they would need: display of color space and options to convert later, warnings on the viewer end for users using the wrong browsers, and options on the admin end for whether and how such a warning should be displayed. Ideally they should also accept a 16bit image format to work well with wider color spaces.

Anyway I switched to Flickr. At least they don't insist they know better and they let you do what you want. (granted as a pro sales base, the configuration on flickr wouldn't be so hot but for sharing it's ok)

Main substantial differences:

Flickr excels in the social part, a lot of people viewing and commenting on the site. However the presentation is dreadful.

Zenfolio looks great, and great in many different ways with easy customization. However the social part is non-existent.

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