Want autofocus with Canon EF lenses on your NEX?

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re: indeed - 7d for action shooting, and N7 with wide angle, so...

Photokina is in Sept, right? Perhaps by that time Conurus will have
something new to say about their adapter supporting AF - after all
they do have a substantial head start over competition (Birger's
adapter is suspiciously quiet on the Net - the last bit of news was
in Aug. 2011); Also MTF Effect announced theirs solution:
but since then silence;

so you're the second source to say no AF through Kipon's EF to
E-mount adapter:


Chiuki wrote:

Kipon has just emailed me with some clarification on the new adapter.

NO, it will not support Autofocus and they will try to begin selling the adapters around the start of the Photokina show.

They will have a booth at Photokina. I will be there and test them to see how they work.

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