APS-H for K3 (idea for discussion).

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Re: APS-H for K3 (idea for discussion).

Petroglyph wrote:

Sort of a compromise between those wanting better low-light features verses better action/wildlife features.

It would be the wrong compromise for many reasons.

  • The K-mount is a native FF

  • People will still want a FF

  • APS-H is yet another crop

  • Pentax doesn't make their own sensors, so it means finding a good APS-H on the market. Even if it exists, it cannot benefit from the economy of scale that APS-C do.

  • Even Canon is dropping their APS-H line.

  • You need at least 1 stop of performance over any format to make a difference. APS-H is 0.5 stop over APS-C, not enough IMHO.

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