(Rumor) Canon to challenge NEX?

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re: looks like it is just the reverse situation: easier to hack with...

...CHDK than into supposedly open sourced Linux FW for alphas and NEX

"And about your second idea. I never work with chdk and dont know how they work with separate executables. The same for nex firmware. I dont see any standalone modules inside firmware except kernel drivers. So it's not a simple task to do it. But since it's a linux it should be possible. May be it's just an .sh append but i dont think it's that easy. Anyway i'll try this when i'll find a way to properly encode a modified firmware with downgrading internal firmware version to be able to restore an official firmware anytime.



ProfHankD wrote:

To be precise, the Canons all run OS environments that are very closely modeled after DOS, but they have used several variants over time. Keep in mind cameras tend to be running on ARM processors, so none of these is literally the DOS environment on PCs. Basically, they are stripped-down DOS-like systems with some real-time scheduling support added. It is still something like AUTOEXEC.BAT running CAMERA.EXE from drive C: that makes them act like cameras.

If we can believe the Sony-released source code, recent Sony cameras are running a stock Linux kernel with significant patches and driver additions by Sony. In fact, I recall seeing support for things like a DVD writer inside the NEX-5 source code... not that I expect one actually could be plugged into the camera. It looks like Sony is trying to have essentially the same kernel source tree for all their products using Linux, from cameras to laptops -- which has some interesting implications.

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