Travel Tripod - Smaller than this one? BENRO MeFOTO

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Re: Travel Tripod - Smaller than this one? BENRO MeFOTO

Indeed it is a big problem. I had the Sirui T-025 and in many ways it was great - extremely well made, light and very small. In wind however it would move because of the weight being so far above the fulcrum, even with just a G3 and the 20mm on top. I found this out one day in London when I had to brace the tripod column against a railing to stop it moving, and this was on a day with not too much wind (I hadn't really noticed it was windy until I tried to use the tripod!). Indeed it was because it was close to the railing that I became so aware of its movement in the wind.

I changed it for the (rather more expensive) T-1205X which shares the upwards-folding leg design but has a traditional central column, and wider diameter tubing. In carbon fibre guise it's only 200g heavier and is much much more rigid. Kept the same head though - the standard of construction of the Siruis is very good.

Little review and comparison between the two here:


m43er wrote:

After years of resisting carrying a tripod, I might finally cave in to the Sirui but just a point I'm wondering - with the centre column fixed and hence the camera always a foot above the fulcrum, is stability ok in situations where there is some wind.

Cos I read some review that said it's a BIG problem.

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